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A complex 0% spirit, scientifically established using a rotary evaporator to delicately distill ten specially selected botanicals at an exact temperature of 45c to ensure freshness in flavour and aromas.

Sippin Vir-giin has a blend of 10 botanicals. Bergamot gives it the citrus aroma. Rock samphire brings an earthy, perfumy and delicate flavour. Galangal, known as Siamese ginger it’s a light citrusy, piney, sweet ginger.


Originally brought over from Persia by traders in the 1700’s, bergamot originates in Italy and is a fragrant citrus fruit about the size of a regular orange yet yellow or green colour similar to a lime.

Rock samphire

A succulent member of the carrot family - rich in aromatic oils and perfectly proportioned to enhance the flavour.


Known as Siamese ginger it’s light, citrusy, piney and contains a subtle sweet ginger flavouring to enhance the overall taste.

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