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Just Gin

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Just Gin is a dry gin inspired by the Island of Zakynthos, an Island within the Greek Ionian sea where the water is the bluest of blue and the sand silky and smooth. A simplistic style gin to enlighten your taste buds.

“I’ve always enjoyed a gin & tonic in warmer climates, and this is just that! I imagined sitting under the olives groves, the smells of the wild herbs, the fresh sea breeze and enjoying the atmosphere of traditional Greek culture.” - Dany

Natural botanicals include;


A small evergreen plant and a part of the mint family - aromatic in taste with slightly minty and peppery aromas.


Known for its flavourful dried leaves and flowering top - sharp and peppery in flavour.

Bitter Almond

Native to southwestern Asia, this edible seed is bitter in flavour.

Kalamata Olives

Dark purple and smooth in texture, Kalamata Olives originate in Greece and have a distinctly fruity flavour.

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