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Sippin Beach Gin is influenced by Jersey’s spectacular coastline, from foraging in the seas to searching in the shorelines, this exquisite blend comprises a blend of botanicals that are perfectly suited to a long summers day.

Natural botanicals include;

Gorse Flowers

A distinctive, coconut-perfumed, yellow wildflower picked on Jersey’s coastline.

Rock samphire

A succulent member of the carrot family - rich in aromatic oils and perfectly proportioned to enhance the flavour.

Purple Dulse

Picked fresh from the north coast of Jersey when tides are at their lowest, Purple Dulse is high in natural minerals and sweet yet salty in taste.


Enhanced by Jersey’s microclimate and growing unusually in the shoreline within the rock samphire and sea beet, the flavour brings a complimentary acidity similar to that of tart lemon.

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