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Sippin Gin

Sippin Gin is a family of specially distilled, completely bespoke, new world style Gins - inspired entirely by ex-chef Dany Lancaster, his business partner Jonathan Ruff and created in Jersey, Channel Islands.

The family currently consists of five unique flavours including Just Gin, Beach, Rhubarb, Unusual Citrus and Vir-Giin and have been delicately crafted to include local produce.

Owner and creator Dany Lancaster is the man behind the brand.

“I have been a chef for over 18 years, and have gained experience in some of the most elite kitchens worldwide. The initial idea came whilst developing a new tasting menu that was required to support a variety of Gins. Having not been inspired by the variety available, I took it upon myself to start experimenting with the flavours and using local ingredients to enhance and infuse the products I was working with. It was during this process that I began distilling Gin in-house and where my first accomplishment, Sippin Rhubarb Gin was born. Since that moment, my passion for the process grew and grew, developing into what is now a family of five completely bespoke gins tailored in our own unique way.

- I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.”

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