Over ice or tonic?

We are called Sippin for a reason, our gin is is perfectly paired with a wide glass and the cold stuff.  However we recommend a splash of tonic to experience the full effect. 

Chill - or not?

We recommend  you unwind, relax and put your feet up, but for those who are not that way inclined there is nothing wrong with being the last one standing on the dance floor- we facilitate both and trust, we don’t judge.   Sippin in your PJ’s or Sippin on the dancefloor – we are here to help!  

Recipes to follow....

We know your anxious, however good things come to those who wait!   We are in our lab (aka restaurant bar) trying and trying and falling over and trying again, to bring you the best darn cocktail recipe you have ever tasted.  Watch this space!

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